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Tips for Hanging Outdoor Holiday Lights

Nothing helps fend off the dreary grayness of winter like a spectacular holiday lights display.  There is nothing that can put a smile on someone’s face like a well-constructed light display. If you want to to turn your home into the perfect winter wonderland for the holiday season, these tips for hanging Christmas lights will make a world of difference in your winter landscaping.


Follow these tips when hanging out your outdoor holiday lights!

Tips for Hanging Outdoor Holiday Lights

Carefully Plan your Design

This may seem elementary, but many who get swept up in holiday cheer decide to just ‘wing it’,and this is often not conducive to an elegant, fun, or even safe display that properly compliments their Baltimore landscaping. To achieve the best effect, first pick a focal point which you wish to frame. Taking this step will make your house look artistically decorated with outdoor lighting, rather than simply covered with random strings of lights.

Take Your Property Into Consideration

How thick are your gutters? How flexible are your shingles? What are the measurements of the area you have to cover? What are the actual features of your home and landscaping? What is the distance to the power source you will use?Knowing the exact answers to these questions means that you are prepared to purchase all of the materials you need to complete a festive holiday lights display. Following these tips for hanging christmas lights will help you compliment your home and property beautifully.

If You Don’t Know Where To Start, Use These Ideas For Inspiration

These are some of the most popular ways to incorporate outdoor christmas lights into Baltimore landscaping. Holiday lights are often strung in straight lines along rooflines or eaves, or along other features of homes. They are often wrapped around pillars, columns, posts, deck railings, and other architectural features.

Holiday lights can also be utilized in landscaping. Placing them on top of bushes and hedges or winding them through trees can make for an incredible display. These lights can also be as practical as they are beautiful, when used to light dark driveways and pathways.

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