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Permaculture Landscaping for an Eco-Friendly Baltimore

Lehnhoff’s Landscaping is here with one of the latest trends in residential landscape design: Permaculture Landscaping! While it has recently come in vogue, the principles behind permaculture have existed for centuries, and may offer some of the best ideas on creating a completely ecologically friendly Baltimore landscape..Permaculture Landscaping

What is Permaculture?

Permaculture landscaping combines the best aspects of natural and edible landscaping in order to create a site that not only sustains itself, but also its gardener. The ultimate goal of permaculture landscaping is to create a local ecosystem that has the capability of providing for all your needs, food, shelter, fuel, and beauty. While many may not need or want to follow permaculture to such an extreme, its principles can be used to create a Baltimore landscape that is ecologically friendly, useful, and beautiful.

What can I plant?

Permaculture landscaping places great importance on using native plants, or those that have adapted well to your area. Fruit trees can provide you with a place to rest and a snack to eat, or a grouping of bamboo plants can also function as supporting poles for bean sprouts. Permaculture obviously holds room for a standard vegetable garden but can also include many types of local, if slightly outside the norm, perennial plants like arrowhead, sorrel, chicory, and asparagus.

What to Avoid?

The most important principle of Permaculture Landscaping is combining utility with aesthetics. Rather than planting a border of flowering shrubs, a permaculture landscaper would probably choose to plant a row of berry-bearing bushes. Avoid planting foreign flowers or plants in your Baltimore landscape that require an abnormal amount of upkeep, and try to work with your natural soil rather than manufactured topsoils.

Permaculture landscaping is designed to mirror nature’s blueprint and enhance it to suit human aesthetic and physical needs. A good permaculture landscaper will mimic the structure of a forest, indentifying microclimates within your yard to make sure that the plant with the most self-sufficiency and usefulness is planted there.

At Lehnhoff’s Landscaping we strive to keep on the cutting edge of landscaping design and constantly train and discuss emerging trends. Creating an permaculture landscape takes a lot of work and forethought. Let the experts take the difficulty out of it! We know eco-friendly design at Lehnhoff’s and we’re excited to help you get started saving money. To talk to someone about Permaculture Landscaping in Baltimore, give Lehnhoff’s Landscaping a call at 443.921.5789 or visit today.


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