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Selecting the Right Landscape Mulch for your Baltimore Home

landscape mulchWhen selecting the right landscape mulch, Baltimore homeowners can run into a world of surprising complexity and confusion. There’s a whole mess of factors, biology, ecology, and chemistry that go into landscape mulch creation and selection, and different landscapers can have vastly different opinions on what’s right for your soil. In an effort to simplify the highly contentious world of landscape mulch, Lehnhoff’s Landscaping has put together a few tips on what to consider when choosing one for your Baltimore home.


One of the more obvious considerations, but something to spend serious thought on nonetheless, is how the mulch you’re using will look with your selection of plants. For example, pine straw landscape mulch offers a reddish brown hue that works with many kinds of plants, while stone landscape mulch has a limited palette that is generally only suited for trees and desert plants, making it a less practical choice for most Baltimore homes.

Insulating Value in Summer

When comparing landscape mulch, its vital to assess how well each mulch will protect the soil underneath during the hot summer. A good landscape mulch will reduce the need to water plants, by retaining moisture, and keep the sun from frying sensitive root systems. Pine straw, wood chips, sawdust, and bark mulches are all good at this, while straw, hay, and partially composed leaves are excellent. Stone and black plastic landscape mulch tends to heat the ground up though.

Removal in Spring?

Organic material has the potential to smother emerging life as it buds out of the ground during springtime, although this is less affecting for plants that thrive during the winter. It is in this category that black plastic mulch finds its footing. While it is less appealing, less insulating, and affords little soil nourishment, it is by far the easiest to apply and, unlike virtually any organic mulch, does not require removal in spring to facilitate plant growth.

While there are many types of available landscape mulch for use around your Baltimore home, and even more factors to consider than are listed here, following these guidelines should serve as an excellent starting point for comparing the different kind of landscape mulch.

Lehnhoff’s Landscaping

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