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Residential Property Management Services in Columbia

Managing your property in Columbia can be a real hassle. Keeping your yard inviting, relaxing and an all-around enjoyable experience takes hard work. Maintaining the beauty of your Columbia yard doesn’t have to be entirely up to you. Lehnhoff’s Landscaping will help keep your property looking beautiful without having you do any work.

Lawn maintenance requires a few different parts. You need to apply fertilizer, mow the grass, tend to your plants and more. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t hire someone to manage your property. With all that work plus your regular commitments, you’ll never have a moment to enjoy your backyard oasis.

The most important element of your yard are the plants. With property management services from Lehnhoff’s Landscaping in Columbia, we will tend to your plants and make sure they look great all season long. If there are any issues we will address them to make sure your landscape stays healthy.

At the beginning of the spring and at the end of the fall, your lawn needs to be cleaned up. We will take care of your lawn so it is ready to look great all season long. And at the end of the fall we will rake your leaves so your property still looks great.

Let Lehnhoff Landscaping keep your property healthy and beautiful all year round.

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