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What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Lighting in Severna Park, MD

Remember that harsh winter we had this year? With summer finally here, chances are you’ll be spending a lot of time outside this season. Whether you’re hosting a cookout, or spending a relaxing evening on the patio at your Severna Park home, you’ll need some type of lighting outside late at night. Outdoor lighting has many benefits ranging from safety to attraction!

  1. Security – You may love living in Severna Park. However, there is always potential for trespassers and unwelcome guests in the neighborhood. Having a well-lit walkway and yard will help to keep your family safe. You can easily see your kids playing outside at night and your dog when you let him out. Installing motion detector lights could also scare off intruders.
  2. Easy movement – It can be difficult to notice holes or dips in the yard. You don’t want Grandpa falling again at the family cookout this summer. Having a lighted backyard will allow him to easily maneuver, see where he’s walking, and keep him safe.
  3. It’s practical – It can get very hot during the day. Sometimes the best time to be outside and enjoy the weather is when the sun goes down, and it gets a little cooler. With outdoor lighting on your deck or patio, you can enjoy the summer months without being in the dark.
  4. Attraction – Everyone will be in awe over the beauty that your home radiates. Not only do lights increase safety measures, but it looks good! Lights that are strategically placed will highlight the best angles of your home and backyard.

If you’re interested in installing outdoor lighting to your home, Lehnhoff’s Landscaping Services can help you out. Save time and money this summer by contacting Lehnhoff’s Landscaping at 443-921-5789. We’d be more than happy to assist you in your design process.

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