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Tips for Building The Landscaping for Your Baltimore Business

Landscaping for your business will give you a slight edge on your competition. People like pretty things and will generally choose something that looks nice over something that doesn’t. If the outside of your Baltimore business has nice landscaping and is well maintained, you’re more likely to have customers and clients walk through your door on a regular basis. While simply having nice commercial landscaping is a good thing, there are some tips that you can take to ramp up your Baltimore landscaping. Check out what appeals to people the most!

  • Line your pathway – First and foremost, you should have a pathway to your business. Personalizing that pathway will make it more attractive to customers and clients. Try planting eye catching flowers or lining the walk neatly with shrubs. Plants have been shown to put people in better moods and bright colors always liven up a space.
  • Accessorize – Utility isn’t always the way to go. Sometimes you need to add some accessories to your landscaping project to pull people in. Trying rock fountains or another type of water feature will interest people and maybe even get them to stop and look for an extra second. Plus, the sound of running water is relaxing and comforting. If you’d like to add some utility, furniture (unique benches and the like) is advisable.
  • Hardscape – Landscaping is obviously very important. You want to get as many bright colors and interest pieces as possible to draw the eye. Don’t neglect hardscaping at the expense of landscaping, though. Adding in a retaining wall for a planter or a paver walkway can add an air of uniqueness and dimension to your landscaping project.
  • Create space – Once you start planning for your landscaping space, you shouldn’t forget that you need to leave space for customers and clients to get in and out of your building. Leave plenty of room for the space to be handicap accessible as well as enough space for deliveries (if necessary) for your business. Balance is very important when undertaking a landscaping or hardscaping project.

Ready to get started on your commercial landscaping project? Give Lehnhoff’s Landscping a call. We can help you plan for your new landscape and build it for you. Once it’s all set up, we can even set up a maintenance plan so you’ll never have to worry about a thing with your landscaping. If you have any more questions about commercial landscaping in Baltimore, contact Lehnhoff’s Landscaping by calling 443.921.5789 or visit today!

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