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What Kind of Trees Grow Best in Maryland?

Choosing trees and other plants for your Maryland landscaping project can be difficult. You have to consider what grows best, where they’ll grow well, and what kind of aesthetic you’re looking for. Sometimes all of these things don’t coincide. Luckily there are many plants and trees that grow well in Maryland because of the climate and soil in parts of the state. What kind of tree are you looking for to add to your landscaping?

Flowering Trees
One of the best flowering trees to choose in Maryland is the Dogwood. It grows very pretty white flowers in the spring and changes to maroon foliage in the summertime. It’s good for those looking for a little diversity in their palette rather than settling for an everyday tree with green leaves. Dogwoods are small trees (they get up to 20’ at most) and grow well in Maryland soil. Eastern Redbuds are another good choice for Maryland. They start out in early spring with pinkish purple flowers. Towards the end of spring, they change to red, heart shaped leaves, before becoming green towards the end of summer and then yellow during the fall. The large range of colors appeals to many people.

Large, Leafy Trees
The state tree of Maryland is the White Oak, so naturally it makes a good choice if you’re planning on a very large shade tree with plenty of room to grow. These trees can be difficult to track down, but are worth it if you can manage to find one. Sugar Maple trees are great if you’ve got a lot of space and somewhere that gets a good deal of sun. They don’t do well with air pollution, so are best to grow if you’ve got a lot of land removed from the city. The great part about sugar maples is the color that they take on in the fall. The vibrant colors in the fall attract people from all around. If you’re planting near water, you may want to consider a Sycamore tree. These take well to wetlands and can also help preserve the area!

When you’re choosing plants or trees for your Maryland landscaping project, be sure to consider what conditions different types of trees need as well as what tree will look best with your project. If you still have questions about what trees grow best in Maryland or you’re interested in having someone come assess what will look and grow best, contact Lehnhoff’s Landscaping by calling 443.921.5789 or visit today!

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