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Tips for Using Pea Gravel in Your Home’s Landscape

pea gravel

Pea gravel is one of the most common sights in residential landscapes throughout the country.

Pea gravel is one of the most common sights in residential landscapes throughout the country. It’s such a popular choice because of its smooth look and aesthetically-pleasing colors. Pea gravel is a functional and beautiful material that can be used in many different places throughout your home’s landscape. However, there are some basic do’s and don’ts that you should follow when integrating this common landscaping material into your yard.

Don’t Place Pea Gravel Right on Soil

A common mistake when using pea gravel is putting the gravel right on top of the soil. If you are using the pea gravel as an alternative to mulch or to create a pathway in your yard, it should never be put directly on top of soil. Before adding pea gravel to your landscape, apply a layer of landscaping fabric to the soil. This prevents weeds, plants, and other growths from forming in between the cracks in the gravel. If you don’t take this basic step, weed growth can displace and ruin your pea gravel.

Do Get Creative

As we mentioned above, a lot of the popularity of pea gravel comes from how flexible it is. Most people think of gravel as rugged and hard pieces of stone that belong only in driveways or on dirt roads, but pea gravel is nothing like that. Pea gravel can still be used in traditional ways, but it also works very well as edging for gardens or flower beds and even creating a patio in your yard. Pea gravel is smooth enough that it can be used in play areas or sand boxes instead of sand.

Don’t Use It Alone for Edging

While pea gravel can be used for edging, it should not be used on its own. Use another edging material to keep pea gravel from moving with foot traffic or the wind. Since it is a light and small material, if you don’t help it to stay in place it will move over time.

Do Purchase Some from a Stone Supply Company

Many homeowners purchase this gravel from a traditional home improvement or box store and end up paying a premium. Instead, partner with a small local stone supply company to get the best quality and price possible.

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